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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beach Decorating

Some wonderful ideas for giving your home that seaside feel, even if you are like me and living hundreds of miles away.

pictures via Southern Living

AWWW!!! I think I am feeling the ocean breezes now. Okay, I know it's just my fan, but a girl can dream can't she.

Have a happy Saturday.
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

knock knock who's there?

I was rambling around some yard sales on Saturday when I came across this sweet little wrought iron angel door knocker.


I started to think about the door knockers I have had in the past (my favorite being the brass horse head. Now where could that have gotten to). So I thought I might browse around the internet and see what interesting and unique door knockers I could find and share them with you, my dear friends.

Animals and fish seem to be a common theme.




Some are a wee bit too scary for my front door (although definitely interesting and unique works of art).


Some are just plainly awesome.


And then there is this one. Here's the hand, where's Lurch. Awe, he's waiting to open the door. Let me know how that goes.

the hand

Have a great day and if you come calling, don't forget to use the door knocker.