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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a california country farmhouse

below are some images from a California country style farmhouse. i love the neutral tones and the warm cozy feel of every room. definitely my favorite decor style. the lovely thing about this style is that you can add pieces gradually and the look is one that will last for years.

via:  Country Living
and ehomee
photos: Grey Crawford

love this idea for a coffee table.

 i really like everything about this room, but i would love to see something over the fireplace.

don't you love a cozy spot for reading?

this bathroom is beautiful. what do you think about a white chair in the bathroom?

okay, i'm definitely on the lookout for these vintage drawers. they would be fabulous in any room.

a simply charming kitchen.

so lovely

I'm So Vintage


  1. This is a lovely home. I with you on those drawers...I would love to find some for myself!

  2. I really like this place. I want to add a bit of more color, but the pieces that are here are great jumping off points.

  3. i'm such a beige and white person. 8-)

  4. Agree about the drawers. They remind me of old card catalogs at the library.

  5. Great house! I love the nursery sign in the kitchen!

  6. I love the vintage hand-painted signs. I think a chair in the bathroom is nice, if you have the space.

  7. gahh! i love it. haven't seen that one! this whole look is kinda perfect for my house:)


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