F I'm So Vintage: just sitting on the porch
Saturday, July 23, 2011

just sitting on the porch

I don't know about you, but the extreme heat we have been enduring recently has left me a bit lethargic. I have all these ideas for things I want to do, but my get up and go seems to have gotten up and gone. I love sitting on the porch, but only the early mornings seem to be a good time for that right now, and since I don't have a big porch where I am living now, I thought I would look at how other people are decorating theirs. That way, when I do get a big front porch, and the weather is cooperating I'll be prepared.

I love this vintage country decor porch from Barn Owl Primitives. The sweet pillows can be purchased from Little Miss Momma on Etsy.

This looks like a simple place to relax. I love rocking on the front porch while watching the traffic go by. Photo from Serving Him At Home

Even if the traffic is just a few chickens. Photo from redstickranch

I've always wanted a sleeping porch, and this one is a combination of fancy and primitive. Just my style. Photo from redstickranch

Love this wonderful Adirondack porch swing. I could while away a few hours here. Photo from visualphotos

Adding a simple farm table seems like a good idea. A place to share a meal with family and friends. Photo from 
Cabin Creek Farm

or this one. Photo from junkgardengirl

Enjoy your Saturday and stay cool.


  1. I love that fancy and primitive shot. That is a porch I would love to hang out on. I know what you mean about the heat. I've been doing as much as possible inside. It does zap your brain.

  2. Oh I want to move into redstickranch's place. How gorgeous is that? Thanks for sharing these.

  3. I love front porches! These pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  4. You found some sweet porches. I'd love to have a porch--but wouldn't use it in this heat. Whew! I agree with it being too hot to begin any projects. We just lost 10 degrees with a storm. Happy, happy me!

  5. We don't really have front porches in Arizona, everyone hangs in the backyard by the pool. I miss them.

  6. Love all the photos. Keep cool and God bless.

  7. I love those photos. Sometimes it is good just to sit on our porches and think, doing NOTHING. I actually love my backyard and it gives me such joy.

  8. I really appreciate you giving photo credit--it saved me from extreme ENVY for your yard. At first I thought...wow...she's amazing. Then I scrolled through again. Now, I think you are amazing for your integrity with other people's photos :) Have a great day! And thank you for linking with me on The Way I See it Wednesday :)

  9. Those are beautiful! I think I could live in almost ANY house if it had a great porch tacked on the front! :) Nice to meet you!

  10. How wonderful! I've never had a porch- now I want one! Each image creates such wonderful feelings of rest and comfort- especially the sleeping porch! I could see myself hanging out in several of them.

  11. *Sigh* I want very much to lounge on a rocking chair on a lazy afternoon upon seeing these photos. I can see myself sitting there with my friends chatting about baseball and NASCAR.


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