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Monday, August 8, 2011

vintage pretties

Well, I'm back home in Kentucky after a wonderful visit with my family and I managed to survive the plane rides. The flights themselves were fine, it was the hassle of the airports. Atlanta airport is a monster, and by the time I reached my gate they were already loading. Of course I had to go through security three times due to my shoes setting off the alarm and the fact I didn't remove my laptop from its bag. BIG SIGH!!! Then yesterday was my mom's birthday so that involved a full day of gift shopping and celebrations after which I had to package up all the items my wonderful buyers purchased while I was away so I could get them shipped off today. This all left me a bit tired and cranky, so I thought I would share some photos of some lovely vintage pretties, which always brightens up my day. 

photo via eclectic charm

photo via absolutelyladylike

photo via Liljor Och Tulpaner

photo via ZsaZsaBellagio

photo via It's Party Time

I hope you have a lovely day. I am heading out to an auction this afternoon to see if I can find some more goodies.



  1. Wow, there used to be a lot more lace in the world.

  2. Welcome home! Thank you for posting these beautiful photos -- love the vintage lace and embroidery. I'll be heading East to visit adult kids August 10-15. Hoping the flights go well.

  3. Love the photos!! I have gotten so I hate having to fly. It's not the flying part, rather the hassles of all the rigamarole before you ever get to your gate. Bobby G. has some health issues and his paraphernalia always sets off the buzzers and causes a holdup. Like you said.....SIGH..By that time I get to my destination I am worn out. Loved your tomato recipes. I am trying a new one tomorrow. Layers of squash/zucchini,onions, basil, tomatoes, Italian seasoning and mozzarella and parmesan if you want....baked. yum!


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